Debbie Beatson

Finance Manager

Debbie Beatson Accountant

Looking after the money

I’m the Finance Manager here at 40 Foot. I’m responsible for all things Financial and Contractual for the business, with over 25 years in bookkeeping, contract, and finance experience.

I’m Xero Advisor Certified and a New Zealand Certified Bookkeeper, as well as holding numerous other Qualifications and Certificates such as NZQF NZ Certificate Infrastructure Civil Engineering Procurement Procedures Level 6.

I love nothing better than getting stuck into the financial and administration side of the business, and being quite a structured person, I love to follow a process and a plan.

It’s my job to identify operational financial risks & impacts and implement & deploy solutions. I create policies and procedures, ensuring that the business is profitable and working financially efficiently.

When the heat is on I can multitask with several balls in the air without ever losing my sense of humour. I love working with and supporting my fellow team members and our wonderful clients for a successful end result. 

I’m the only team member based in the South Island, and in my free time, you will find me getting as much Nelson fresh air as possible, living my best life with my husband and four growing sons.

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