Nader Ayyad

Chief Technical Officer

Nader Ayyad IT Recruitment

Building and leading remote software development teams

I’m a partner and Technical Director here at 40 foot, focusing on building and leading remote software development teams for our onshore clients.

I’ve over 12 years’ experience in leading software development teams, including building mobile apps in Lebanon and New Zealand.

I’m not only skilled at leading software development teams, but I’ve considerable experience in building mobile application and web solutions. I am passionate about mobile development, chatbots, UX and psychology.

Throughout my career I have worked across different industries, from financial services to telecommunications and healthcare, and I’m known for my passion and energy as a natural, technical leader.

I moved to New Zealand 8 years ago from Lebanon, and I’m currently living in Auckland with my wife. In my spare time I enjoy learning to play the drums, keeping it handy around the house, and ending the day with a nice movie with my family.

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