Our Story

What makes a company more than the sum of its parts?

Our Story

IT Recruitment Specialists

40 Foot came to life in 2017 after recognising that there was a gap in the market for a specialist recruitment agency that really understood the unique challenges posed in the technology market. We were something different, a boutique offering that specialised in recruiting only one kind of talent – tech talent. Thus 40 Foot was born.

We have grown to become a trusted IT recruiter for many leading New Zealand businesses, with an experienced team of IT recruitment specialists that understand the market and the industry. We are known for delivering ‘the one’, recruiting truly exceptional candidates that fit the business culture as well as having an exceptional skill set, even in a tight labour market.

We’ve established three unique IT recruitment pathways to negate the shrinking talent pool. These pathways enable Kiwi businesses to tap into an enviable resource of local and international contractors, permanent staff, and potential top local graduates. By extended recruitment talent pools, we can deliver the sought after IT expertise that NZ businesses demand.

Our size lets us move quickly to deliver the best service to our clients. Because we understand technology, we can quickly identify IT talent and match them to your business. There’s no scatter gun approach, firing CVs at you and hoping for the best. We zero-in on our chosen few to present you with the one best person for your team.

Growing Local IT Talent

Because of the fast-paced nature of the industry, New Zealand’s educational institutes are failing to equip graduates with the latest IT skills. 

Mission Ready is an NZQA certified IT technical training provider, with a vision to develop and coach talented, creative individuals, guiding them into exciting IT careers with organisations that care. 

By offering practical placements at partnership companies, Mission Ready allows the next generation of IT Specialists to get hands-on experience in the workforce. 

We have partnered with Mission Ready to build our local pools of IT talent and increase opportunities for young Kiwis. That way we can help both Kiwi businesses and our young up and coming IT talent.

Through our partnership we are excited to bring you graduates with real hands-on experience in top Kiwi companies.

Check out our Graduate Programme here for more information.

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Forty Foot Dublin

What's in a name?

The Forty Foot is a promontory in Dublin Ireland that draws swimmers all year round. This is no calm, white-sand beach on which to relax. Your only choice is to plunge into cold waters while the Irish sea surges around you.

This resonated with us, and our way of doing business. We don’t just provide an every-day experience, but we dive in deep: offering IT solutions that are challenging and forward thinking, to deliver that one great candidate.

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