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Contractor with options

Our guide to transitioning from employee to contractor

Transitioning from employee to contractor is exciting and there are many benefits. This guide summarises the requirements and how we can assist.

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magnet depicting brain drain

The Brain Drain – how immigration can save IT recruitment

The Brain Drain is a phenomenon being talked about a lot, with talent shortages becoming widespread. Immigration may be the solution.

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seek annual recruitment award banner

SARA award winning IT recruiter – 40 Foot

In April 2022 40 Foot was named New Zealand’s Recruitment Agency of the Year in the Seek Annual Recruitment Award small agency category.

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Airport international arrival sign

New Zealand border reopens this year – how will that affect recruitment?

As many employers are aware, visa applications for skilled migrants all but stopped being processed during Covid.  This has created a massive strain for many …

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The Great Resignation

How the ‘Great Resignation’ could affect your business

The Great Resignation could have an impact on the New Zealand workforce. What can businesses can do to reduce or mitigate its effects?

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IT salary advice

The best IT salary advice you will receive for 2022

IT professional salaries increased rapidly in 2021 but proved unsustainable. Adapt and retain staff by adopting the best IT salary advice here

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