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IT Recruitment meeting

How to manage a technical team located around the world

We’ve been working with/managing remote teams for the past 3 years at 40 Foot, which came with a lot of hands-on experience on how to make all our engagements as smooth as possible.

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How to get the most out of a candidate interview

Interviewing, generally speaking, is usually a process that people have quite a bit of hesitation around and can be associated with a combination of both …

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Ace your interview – Why first impressions really do matter

You’ve been scanning job listings and there’s the one that captures your attention. Reading over the job description, you find yourself immersed and eager to …

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How to stand out from others with your cover letter and CV

A good cover letter and CV is essential to get your foot in the door and land that all-important interview. Unfortunately, your CV is just …

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Work from home

Daytime Pyjamas!

Thanks to ever-evolving technology, more and more people are privileged enough to be able to work from home.

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