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How do you find your dream job, or maybe a move to the other side of the world? Reach out to the specialists.

Looking for a career shift?

There has never been a better time to make your next move as the New Zealand tech industry is faced with a talent shortage.

Our connections and complete dedication to IT recruitment means we have insights about the latest roles and upcoming projects for businesses right across New Zealand.

Somewhere in New Zealand is the perfect job, just waiting for you. Let us help you find it. And not just any job. We pride ourselves on finding the right person for the right job to set you on the best career trajectory.

We can work with you to understand your career goals and place you with innovative companies who are delivering dynamic technology roadmaps.

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Don’t just find work, find a job that you love

The right job

We don’t put you forward for a position unless we’re sure it’s a good fit for both parties.

Upcoming opportunities

We have an extensive network and often know about job openings before they appear on job listing sites.

Grow your career

The perfect opportunity to work for companies that can help build your career.

Considering contracting?

Whether you are new to contracting, or have been working as a self-employed contractor for a while, we can assist you to become GST registered, take out professional indemnity insurance and ensure that you meet the IRD requirements. 

Contracting is a great way to showcase your skills and earn a reputation in the industry. It can give you exposure to high-impact opportunities that are unique and part of important projects or priorities for our clients.

On top of the interesting work, the hourly rates are higher than for permanent roles because the duration is limited.

We can help you assess opportunities and companies where you will have the greatest level of personal and professional fulfilment.

We use a simple cloud-based software which creates invoices on your behalf each month based on the hours that you work, so all you have to do is complete your timesheet in just a few clicks and we do the rest.

By contracting through us, everything is taken care of. Tax, insurance, GST we can help you with it all.

Connect with companies in New Zealand who are looking for talented IT professionals to start today.

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Looking for your next role?

We have companies looking for IT professionals now.

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