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american retailer case study

Creating a pioneering mobile app to engage customers

A well-known discount retailer from the United States reached out to us about digitising their customer experience.

The client has over 17,000 stores across the US, employing nearly 150,000 people.

Getting the digital strategy correct from the very start was essential for a company this size.

The Challenge

Our client wanted a mobile app that would enrich the user expereince, simplifying the process while adding value to their customer’s journey. 

Developing an app like this would require innovative solutions, using the latest software development tools and strategies.

The Solution

Our primary objective was to ensure the mobile app would serve as a multipurpose tool for sales, marketing, customer retention and servicing, to ensure our client’s vision became reality.

Two experienced, full-time iOS and Android engineers were mobilised two weeks after the project launch date to begin working on the mobile app, and further resources were deployed in the following weeks as per each project phase. By immediately mobilising these two professional experts, we could hit the ground running.

We created a special augmented team to deal with the development of the app, which tripled in size in two years. Today, it comprises of iOS and Android developers, quality assurance specialists, back-end, database, and API engineers.

By using our IT specialists round the world, we could work extended hours, sometimes over 16 per day, ensuring additional operating time and longer support durations.

The Result

The newly created mobile app ensured users could make purchases online, gain digital coupons, acquire discounts, earn rewards, and benefit from targeted offers based on their behaviours and respective profiles.

Other features, including weekly advertisements, buy-online-pickup-in-store, Scan & Go self-checkout, and seamless transactions also contributed to the app’s success.

The new mobile app

Number of downloads: 20+ million
Play Store score: 4.3 (57,000 reviews)
App Store rating: 4.8 (119,000 reviews)

Need a Mobile App for your business?

As the above case study shows, we have the skills, expereince and knowledge to create the perfect application for your unique business. Let’s talk.

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