Full Migration

Migrating a web-based service to a native mobile app

full migration case study

How we helped a client switch everything from a website to a mobile app

This client is one of the world’s leading data and evidence-based market research companies that provides insights and actionable recommendations to clients across the globe.

Reaching out to target audiences, ascertaining opinions on specific topics, and gathering that information was becoming more difficult by only having a website.


The Challenge

As technology as grown over the past decade, the functionality of our client’s website as slowly become obsolete. 

Their research panel on their website was the only way to collect information, but its appeal and effectivness in a digitally evolving market were subsiding.

They needed a new solution, one which was scalable, modern, and easy to use for their customers.

The Solution

To complete this project, we provided the clients with several engineering teams that could oversee and deliver the new mobile research panel. 

We used the Scrum methodology, implementing a Scrum framework as an underlying foundation. 

This allowed us to deliver incremental stops along the process, engaging customers, receiving immediate feedback and enabling continuous integration. 

By bringing customers in early as we were developing the app, they were able to test and provide valuable feedback, receiving new releases every two weeks. 

This involvement improved quality control ensured product stability and helped to allocate resources more efficiently.

The Result

The result was a native mobile app that reduced load times, empowered customers, and integrated all application features that resulted in higher engagement and better overall results.

User data and analytics were collected, and with support from an extensive database, the acquired information highlighted people’s interests and the right opportunities were then presented to users, benefiting the Client, product owners, and app users alike.

All of this resulted in a faster time-to-market across several countries, namely, Australia, France, Germany, Canada and the UK.


Need a Mobile App for your business?

As the above case study shows, we have the skills, expereince and knowledge to create the perfect application for your unique business. Let’s talk.

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