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Hiring remote contractors in Lebanon to meet our client's delivery needs

THL case study

Finding a new way to build a team

We were approached by THL, one of New Zealand’s premier tourism companies to assist in the recruitment of contractors to work on a project for them. New Zealand was deep in the throws of COVID, with border closures and severe tech talent shortages. This had resulted in an even stronger than usual candidate market, with top contractors commanding salaries that would have made the project unfeasible.

The Challenge

Hiring tech contractors in New Zealand became almost impossible. There was a severe drought of talent, and our client was experiencing challenges in recruiting local candidates in time to meet their delivery needs. After several unsuccessful attempts to recruit Kiwi candidates, we proposed to the client that they consider hiring remote contractors in Lebanon.

The Solution

There was some initial hesitation due to concerns over time zone differences and cultural barriers. After discussions with our offshore team, THL agreed to an initial pilot program of a small team of three, one QA, and two developers on an initial six-month fixed-term period to work on a specific project as a stand alone group.

The 40 Foot offshore team initiated some cultural training for both parties to help them understand the cultural differences and establish communication channels, then the team was off!

The QA naturally moved into the lead role, working across time zones and taking meetings overnight while the other team members slept. This enabled them to engage with the New Zealand teams in real time and to both receive and download information about the project in real time.

"The 40 Foot Lebanon team has been delivering solid results with their huge respect and commitment in delivery timeline, and their hard working ethic including working at night time to meet NZ/AU timezone. The management team is reliable and resolves any challenges for the best outcome in a timely manner. Highly recommended if you're looking for a trusted partner for offshore delivery solutions.

LEOLA XU, Head of Digital Delivery, THL

The Result

The Lebanese team soon earned the respect and admiration of our clients, due to not only their technical expertise (which was exceptional) but also their work ethic, communication, and adherence to deadlines. 

THL were so impressed with the team we had put in place they decided to expand it, engaging another four people and splitting the initial group of three into two teams with a lead, QA, and one or two developers in each team. This meant that the lead of each team had already worked for our client, and understood the project, the people, the culture, and the way of working. This previous experience meant that both teams ‘hit the ground running, getting straight into work and seamlessly integrating into the project. 

Both teams now work exclusively for THL and remain based in Lebanon. They are still highly regarded by the client, regularly receiving high praise and completing all work they have been assigned within the set deadlines and to a very high standard.  

The talented team in Lebanon gets the benefit of working for a progressive New Zealand company that values their technical skills and work ethic. They feel valued and are treated the same as the New Zealand teams by the client.

Our client also wins, they have a highly skilled and experienced pool of talent that they can use, if and when they require it. They have the flexibility and agility to grow these teams in very short periods and, with the initial core group, have team leads that can bring in new talent and culturally educate them in the ways the teams work. 

Everybody wins!

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