Looking for that “X-Factor”

Finding junior candidates with the right attitude and potential

junior candidates

Looking to the next generation

One of the largest salesforce consultancies in New Zealand approached us to build a talent pipeline for them when the market for Senior candidates became limited.

The Challenge

Our client had exhausted their search for senior candidates and needed a new approach. When they turned their sights toward junior candidates, they discovered that the market was flooded with hundreds of people with varying levels of experience and certifications. Sifting through applications for candidates with limited CV’s became a fruitless exercise for the client, and unfair on candidates with great potential but no way of conveying this on paper.

The Solution

Our client was less focused on the experience and certifications of junior candidates, and more interested in their attitude and aptitude – hard factors to assess on a CV alone. We decided to flip this challenge on its head and researched what technology might be similar that could lend itself to candidates being cross-trained. We headhunted a range of candidates who might be open to a career shift. In speed-dating style interviews in an Auckland café, it was easy to see who might have the confidence and the commercial acumen that would enable them to succeed with this leading consultancy and their clients. Seeing these people talk about their passion meant we could work out not just who could technically do just job, but who had that X-Factor, and enabled us to spot that future potential in someone.

“40 Foot are always looking for creative solutions to finding and attracting talent to meet our needs as a true partner and not just posting ads and sending us CVs.”

GM Operations, Davanti

The Result

From this creative search we presented six candidates to our client and four of these people were successful. Since then, all have gone on to be managers or senior managers in that business or been there a while before moving on and then promoted into to bigger organisations. It was so successful that we recently commenced a similar exercise with them with the New Zealand border closed. That’s the real gold at the moment, the combination of a business being willing to support the candidate on the technical side of things and the candidate bringing all the stuff that you can’t train: aptitude, attitude and ambition.

Struggling to find Senior IT professionals?

With a  talent shortage of experienced IT specialists, many companies are looking towards the next generation to bolster their workforce. Getting in on the ground floor of a young career means you can train, nurture and guide these young developers, who will not forget the company that helped them get their big break. We have junior candidates that are eager to learn, highly skilled, and up-to-date with the latest practices and trends – ready to start work for you today.

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