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Snap up the future stars of the IT industry

Through our partnership with Mission Ready HQ we are excited to bring you graduates with real hands-on experience in top Kiwi companies.

Traditionally, the IT industry in NZ has been heavily reliant on immigration to fill skill shortages. Now with a chronic shortage of talent, the whole industry has to rethink not only accessing talent but growing local talent.

By hiring a graduate, you’re nurturing the future of New Zealand’s IT industry, landing a highly-motivated, local employee who’s up-to-date with the latest trends and developments in the industry and someone whose salary matches their experience.

This is your chance to beat the talent shortage by hiring someone at the start of their career.

Mission Ready - Creating the makers of tomorrow

Mission Ready’s vision is to develop and coach talented, creative individuals, guiding them into exciting IT careers with organisations that care.

By offering practical placements at partnership companies, Mission Ready allows the next generation of IT Specialists to get hands-on experience in the workforce.

They are an NZQA certified IT technical training provider, and the candidates that emerge from their programmes have enough technical skill to create impact but also have a high level of commercial acumen.

Mission Ready was set up to bridge the growing skills shortage by challenging the way the next tech workforce is prepared. By creating this model in collaboration with industry employers and leaders, they help nurture the next generation of developers while at the same time bring valuable life-blood into the New Zealand IT industry.

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Why use our graduate programme?

Beat the talent shortage

The existing talent pool in NZ is completely saturated. Unless you’re willing to pay above-market to lure someone away from their current role, it makes sense to look elsewhere. New graduates are another option to find IT talent for your team.

Help nurture the next generation of developers

New graduates are motivated, eager and up-to-date with the latest technologies and industry knowledge. All they need is experience working on real-world projects. These future stars will be loyal to companies who offered them the chance to launch their careers in the industry.

Add value to your team

Just because they’re young doesn’t mean they don’t know what they’re doing. Many of these candidates have had some commercial experience already, and that’s on top of their 6 month placement with Mission Ready. And of course we screen them before they come to you, just as we would any other candidate.

Tap into the next generation of IT professionals

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