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When there’s a special project, a deadline looming or you simply don’t have the resources for a permanent employee, hiring a contractor is the way forward.

We can find the right contractor for your specific needs, with the experience and commitment to help your business grow, add value to your team and bring specialist skills to the table.

Because we’re in the industry all day every day, we know who is good, who is available, and who could become available as contracts near completion.

We could have the perfect fit for you within 24 hours, an IT specialist ready to jump in and help you over the finish line. 

Many of our contractors have been working with us for years, doing exactly this – coming in and helping a project meet its deadline or bringing that extra level of expertise to a group.

Some companies use contracting as a way to find a permanent employee, testing the waters before bringing someone on board.

Hiring a contractor gives you the flexibility to work around challenges, meet deadlines, and cut costs.

Whatever your needs, we can help find you the best person for the job, someone who is ready to start as soon as possible and can help get your project across the finish line.

IT contractors

Why hire a contractor?


Contractors can be brought in on short notice to work on a project, helping to meet deadlines or simply share the workload. If they are no longer required, then it’s understood by all parties and there is no unrealistic expectations about future employment.

Specialised Skills

IT contractors are usually highly-skilled in a chosen field. If the work is too specialised for your team, a contractor can step in to assist at a particular stage of the project. This allows you to make use of a niche skillset, without committing to a permanent role.

Cuts Costs

While contractors cost more per day than permanent employees, it’s often for the short-term. Additional expenses such as training, equipment and admin are usually minimal, while the permanent staff benefits such as pension schemes don’t extend to contractors

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