Permanent IT Recruitment

Grow your business by bringing on the right people

We scour New Zealand to find the perfect employee

If you’re looking for a new staff member on a permanent basis, then we can help.

To grow your business you need the right people, and we have the connections here in New Zealand to find you the very best IT specialists in the country.

We will find you the perfect employee for the position. Someone who will work well with others, is eager to learn and has the right experience and qualifications for the role.

Our team of recruiters have been around for a long time, and we know what works and what doesn’t. We know who the best people are for the right jobs, and we know how to get them.

Let us find the right person for the job. An employee who will add value to your company, bring a unique perspective to challenges and will work hard for the team.

permanent IT recruitment
pursuing the one

Pursuing the One

We don’t simply throw someone at you who happens to be available. We take a careful look at your requirements, delve deeper into your company, your values and how you thrive. Only then do we sift through our candidates, finding a chosen few who we feel would be a good fit for the role before sending you their CVs. They not only must have the requisite skills and experience, but share your teams goals, work ethic and values.

We find the best talent is not always actively searching for their next opportunity, so we will actively find them. In fact, on average, 84% of our roles are filled by our active talent sourcing. Our screening process is second to none, especially when it comes to technical skills. With our background in IT, we know how to interview candidates on all technical aspects. When we send you a CV, you can rest assured that person is at the top of the field and capable of meeting any technical challenges given to them.

But we don’t just let CVs do the talking. We interview each candidate before we even suggest them to you, making sure they have what it takes to work in a team. This speeds up the process, helping us understand a candidate, meaning we don’t waste your time with people that aren’t what you’re looking for. Using behavior-based questions, we ensure they are the right fit for the job, someone who will bring more to the team than an extra pair of hands.

Why trust us to find your next permanent employee


We have been in this business for a long time and have built up an impressive pool of talent and connections along the way.

Our reputation for finding permanent IT talent is known throughout the industry, meaning the best people are always looking to us for their next roles.


We know the difference between a test analyst and a data analyst. We know who should be applying for a certain position and who shouldn’t be applying. We have the resources to find the best IT talent in New Zealand, and we know how to recruit them for you. This knowledge only comes with experience.


There is a talent shortage here in New Zealand for IT specialists. Trying to find a permanent employee yourself could take a long time and even then, might not be the right fit. Save yourself time and stress by letting us do it for you. We have the resources to meet your requirements quickly and efficiently. 

Finding the one employee

Case Study: Finding junior candidates with x-factor

One of the largest salesforce consultancies in New Zealand approached us to build a talent pipeline for them when the market for Senior candidates became limited.

Looking for the best fit for your team?

We have a proven track record of finding great employees for NZ businesses.

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