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Find highly skilled IT professionals around the world, available to start working for you today.

find the right employee

Hire the best IT Specialists from around the world

Every business wants the best possible person for the job, but how do you find that person?

That’s where we can help. 

With our dedicated team of IT specialists across the globe, we have the perfect fit for your company. Whether it’s a single, highly-skilled worker on a temporary basis, or an entire team to employ permanently, we have hardworking, trustworthy people at hand to start immediately.

Working from our main IT hubs in Lebanon, we have some of the best tech people in the world, ready to put everything into the role.

Selected and screened by us, their industrious kiwi-like work ethic means they fit in well. And for peace of mind, they are managed by our easy-to-contact New Zealand based technical director, (who happens to be a leading software developer).

Our teams are already working remotely with many leading NZ businesses, growing Kiwi companies, meeting deadlines, and helping to bring success to our shores.

We’ll help with everything from taxes to immigration, giving you and your new employee the freedom to get on with your work.

We are your one-stop-shop for all your offshore IT services.

Which type of offshore IT service do you need?

Global to Local Recruitment

New Zealand is a dream destination for many people around the world. Our Talent Link initiative gives you the chance to employ IT professionals, before they make the move here.

Offshore IT Contractors

Forget about the shortage of technology talent in New Zealand, the world is your oyster through us! We have the connections abroad to find you the best people for the job – highly skilled, dedicated and available to start immediately.

Immigration Support

The immigration process can be confusing filled with red tape and legal jargon. Together with our licensed immigration advisors, we have the experience to guide and assist you in every aspect.

Finding the one employee

Case Study: Full Migration

Migrating a web-based service to a native mobile app

How we helped a client switch everything from a website to a mobile app.

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