Global to Local Recruitment

Snap up the best IT talent in New Zealand – before they arrive on Kiwi shores!

Bringing the best in the world to New Zealand

What’s better than employing the top IT professionals in New Zealand? Employing them before they even arrive!

With our Global to Local initiative, you can have the best IT talent around the world working for you remotely before joining you in the office once they immigrate. This is a way to not only beat the talent shortage here in New Zealand, but actively overcome it by bringing skilled workers into the country.

Your new team member is thoroughly vetted before being put forward, their CV is scrutinised and dedication to their work assured. We find the best people for the job, so by the time we give you potential new employees to consider, you can rest assured that they have a strong work ethic, excellent English skills and are 100% trustworthy.

Global to Local IT Recruitment

Three reasons why Global to Local is a great option for your business

Beat the IT talent drought

With the current talent shortage, skilled IT specialists are hard to come by. By doing it this way you can bring someone on immediately who’s ready to make the move to Kiwi shores later.

Just like any other contractor

We vet our candidates thoroughly, ensuring they are the right fit for the job. They will come with all the usual assurances any local contractor would have, including a strong work ethic.

Nothing is final until they arrive

Until they arrive in New Zealand, you only pay their salary. Only when everything is done and dusted and they walk into your office do you pay recruitment fees.

You get a hardworking IT specialist, they get a job and new life in New Zealand.
Everybody wins with our Global to Local initiative.

IT specialists

How Global to Local works

Global to Local is the easiest way for you to find the best IT specialists here in New Zealand – they just haven’t arrived yet.

If you need someone for a permanent position, just call us. We’ll scour the globe to find the right person, narrowing it down to the top three before arranging an interview with you.

You make your decision, and if you want them to become a permanent part of your team, then we’ll handle the rest. 

We take care of payroll and bring in our immigration specialists to make sure their new life in Aotearoa gets off to the easiest possible start once the borders open up again.

In the meantime they work for you remotely, getting to know you, the company and their future home.

Everyone wins.

Ready to secure a top IT professional?

We can get started now to select the best person for your team.

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