We know our Java from our Javascript, and when you need a DBA we don't need to Google it.  Our mission is to match the best people with the best companies. Simple.

We are a small but hardworking recruitment company ready to partner with your business to match the very best candidates with the best technology roles in New Zealand.  



Technology is our bread and butter. You'll see us at meetups, you'll hear about us through your contacts, because we love technology and we can tell a good candidate miles away.

WE ARE STRATEGIC PARTNERS                     

We are strategy experts and have all the best tools to partner with your business to bring results.  Beyond your recruitment needs, we provide advice to link your business strategy with your people strategy.  

WE DELIVER                                                                  

We have the agility and focus to offer an unparalleled turnaround time, coupled with a stringent vetting process for candidates that we present to you.


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