Leanne Matthews

Head of Brand & Marketing

Leanne Matthews

Taking the 40 Foot voice to the world

I started out in my career as a designer and creative, developing well-known international brands such as Aer Lingus, Universal Studios, and Bayer Pharmaceutical products. Marketing is where I really found my happy place, and I love getting to the core of a business, discovering what makes them tick, and then developing a strategy to reach their goals.

My role at 40 Foot is to show the world how we can help businesses achieve their goals and candidates find their dream job/career path. This isn’t difficult here because that’s exactly what this company does! Getting that message out into the world is my mission, and I do that by developing marketing strategies to suit 40 Foot and our clients.

When I don’t have my marketing cap on, outside of work I’m a dance mum to dancer daughter! I still like to reconnect with my fine arts background and sometimes work on art projects with my husband. I’m a big reader and I love animals, especially my big fluff ball cat, Cassie!

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