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The immigration process can be a long, complicated one. Let us take care of it for you.

Let us take the stress out of immigration

It’s ironic that New Zealand has a shortage of IT talent, yet immigration make it so difficult for people to come and work here. 

The red tape, ambiguous laws, and complicated employment regulations mean that without previous experience, the process can be a drawn-out, stressful affair. 

Fortunately, these are waters we have navigated before.

Together with our licensed Immigration Advisors we have brought almost 100 skilled IT candidates into New Zealand, helping to strengthen our workforce and bring new life opportunities to hardworking individuals.

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Why it’s best to leave immigration support to us

Time & money

Immigration applications are complicated and they take a long time to process. You may think you’ve ticked all the boxes, but there’s usually something that’s easily missed. With our experience we get it right the first time  saving you time and money 


There’s so much red tape around the immigration process, and anyone unfamiliar with the procedure will find it complex, frustrating and time-consuming. We know which boxes to tick and the appropriate language to get an application through the first time.

Success rate

There’s nothing worse than going through the visa application process only to be denied at the last minute. It’s a waste of not just time and money, but can be devastating for the person trying to migrate here. We’ve done this before and know the ropes.

You get a hardworking IT specialist, they get a job and new life in New Zealand.
Everybody wins when you come to us for immigration support.

Need help with immigration?

Let us take it off your hands

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