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We identify and recruit the best technology talent for permanent, contract and remote roles. Some of our consultants have been recruiting for decades and have a deep understanding of the industry and skills required for modern IT work positions.

There's a big world of IT out there, it can be daunting trying to figure out where to start and who to contact. We have great clients on our database who are actively seeking employees like yourself. With understanding your skills and expertise, we can help you to find a role with a great company that suits your working culture.
When we present you to a client, it is usually your name and maybe one other. You have already been shortlisted. However, if you apply directly, you will be potentially one of hundreds of candidates. We have a direct relationship with the hiring manager, and it's in our interest to give you every opportunity to get the role.

Lots of people have breaks for a multitude of reasons, travel, family, or study to name a few. It's helpful to explain these gaps, so feel free to do this verbally with us or you can list it on your CV. Employers aren't concerned about gaps that they understand, honesty the key.

No, we won't charge you a penny! Clients are responsible for any placement fees, this ensures we, as an agency, search the globe to find the perfect candidate to fill their role!

We only need 3 things to get you started:

  • A cover letter stating which role you are applying for and reasons why.
  • Your relevant CV, demonstrating your professional experience and skills, especially those specific to the role you are applying for.
  • At least two relevant references with contact details.

All shortlisted candidates will be contacted directly to arrange next steps.

Keep your CV as clear and concise as possible, using just enough detail to cover all your essential skills and professional experience relevant to the role you are applying for. Try to keep your CV to two pages long if you can, otherwise three pages maximum.

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A cover letter is a great way to capture the attention of the recipient. This should detail the role you are applying for, your motivation, and the key skills and attributes you will bring to the role.


Check out our article on 'How to stand out from others with your Cover Letter and CV

Preparation is an essential part of applying for a role.


  • Ensure you have a detailed understanding of the job description, the company, and the team. It is important to research the company, researching on multiple platforms. Find out who they are, what they do, and what makes them stand out.
  • You can prepare some responses to questions you might be asked, and it is important to write down some questions of your own. This will show you have done your research; you know what you are looking for and you are proactive in the process.
  • Make sure you know exactly where you are going and how long it will take to get there, trying to get there ahead of time, you do not want to be late. This could include traffic times, parking, and walking to the location.

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If you are shortlisted, one of our consultants will be in contact to arrange next steps. This will include an internal interview with one of our consultants, asking you a range of questions to ensure you are a suitable fit for our client and that our client is a suitable fit for you.


If you are successful, this is followed by reference checking, ID verification and police vetting. Your details will be passed forward to our client, and if you meet their expectations, an interview with the client will be arranged.


If you are successful with our client, they might have some other steps for you, and/or your placement will be offered, with formal documentation sent for you to read and complete.

Absolutely! If the application was through us, our consultants will have access to the role you previously applied for and can confirm if or why it was unsuccessful and how we can support you further in your new application.

Certifications set candidates apart from the rest, and so will usually offer you a higher chance of success. If you have no certifications, some clients will value extensive experience of the required fields.

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